1. Some pictures from a walk through Tyresta National Park near Stockholm in Sweden.

  2. From Summer - Two boats in Nara (Örebro County, Sweden) on a lake. 

  3. Gröna lund in the early evening sunshine.

  4. Strandvägen and Nordiska Museet in the sunshine.

  5. Enjoying the late summer evening sunshine with a bike ride in Stockholm.

  6. A boat on Långholmen in Stockholm.

  7. And it’s a really fantastic morning in the archipelago!
    #sweden #archipelago #skärgården (at Lilla Segholmen)

  8. A fantastic evening to be in the archipelago.

    #sweden #archipelago #skärgården

  9. I’m not 100% sure what is happening in this gallery… (Västerbotten Museum)

  10. Not bad digs… enjoyable time spent at Laughton Place thanks to the Landmark Trust.

  11. Welcome back to London!
    #london #travel #uk #flights

  12. So, it turns out I wasn’t the only one who thought about sunbathing today…

  13. On the way back to Stockholm from Nora (Örebro county).

  14. Things can be busy in Singapore…

  15. Just having a little lie down in Raffles Place (Singapore).